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Welcome to Visa Express Services – Your Gateway to Seamless Solutions in the H-2A  Visa Program, where we simplify the journey for employers and workers alike.


What We Offer

Visa Express Services acts as the bridge connecting US employers with seasoned farm workers from eligible countries, including South Africa, Mexico, and others.

Before reaching out to us, please verify the eligibility of your country.

Engaging in seasonal work in the United States offers skilled farm workers the chance to gain international work experience.

Proficiency in English, both in communication and operation, is a prerequisite. Our goal is to ensure that your overseas work experience is seamless, uncomplicated, and gratifying.

H2A Agricultural Visa Program Overview

Visa Express Services recruits H2A workers for U.S.A  Farm Labor.

H2A Visa Program  provides legal experienced farm workers from South Africa {primarily} and other eligible countries listed.

Our Procedure


At Visa Express Services, we handle all necessary paperwork for the H2A workers.

Screening Foreign Workers

Visa Express Services for Workers presents applications for review and consideration, ensuring that Police Clearance, Medical Clearance, and the stated experience have undergone thorough verification. Any claims made in the application are subject to substantiation upon request.

Travel Assistance

Visa Express Services facilitates the most cost-effective return travel, collaborating closely with you and the foreign worker to ensure their earliest arrival after visa approval. Our goal is to minimize your expenses by offering the most economical options available.

Support throughout Season

Feel free to reach out to us via phone call or text for any questions or needs. We take pride in our accessibility and always respond promptly, either answering calls directly or returning them at our earliest convenience.

Research to Ensure Compliance

As this program is under federal governance and subject to regular changes, including annual wage updates, we go to great lengths to stay informed about all aspects and updates. Our commitment is to keep you well-informed, considering that you are ultimately responsible for compliance.

Assist Family Members

If a spouse or family is invited to visit during a quieter season or as permitted by the US employer, Visa Express Services is ready to provide assistance with obtaining B1/B2 or H4 visas for spouses and children.

How It Works

At Visa Express Services, We Help US Employers legally hire Foreign Workers on the H2A Visa Program.

Visa Express Services simplifies an extremely complicated process working abroad (US Consulate) to obtain H2A (Agriculture) work visas.

We primarily recruit from South Africa but since processes are universal, we assist recruiting and placement of workers from all H2A Eligible Countries


Specializing in the recruitment and placement of skilled South African farm workers known for their expertise, determination, clear communication, and reliability, Visa Express Services excels in connecting employers with top-tier talent.

While our primary focus is on South African applicants, we have the capability to process foreign workers from any eligible country permitted to work in the USA under the H2A Visa Program..

Unparalleled Support

We offer exceptional support to both parties throughout the season.

Our approach to fostering strong relationships with clients, both workers and employers, revolves around treating everyone with the same respect we desire, ensuring complete transparency by understanding complex programs and requirements, and going the extra mile with a genuine smile.

What Our Clients Say

Collaborating with the team at Visa Express Services has consistently been a favorable journey. Their support has not only brought skilled individuals to contribute to our business but has also played a crucial role in fostering lifelong friendships.

Jacobus Van Tonder
South Africa

From recruiting and vetting to coordinating the prompt arrival of qualified workers, they have been available 24/7/365, especially in emergencies.

The team at Visa Express Services exemplifies integrity, providing us with guidance on the ever-changing rules and offering up-to-date information crucial to our workforce.

A heartfelt thank you; our business owes its current success to your unwavering commitment!

Jessica Stainforth
United Kingdom

I sought assistance from Visa Express Services for my visa application, and I must commend the team for their excellent work in preparing and compiling my documents.

Their thoroughness and exceptional competence truly made a significant difference. I highly recommend their service to anyone; it is undoubtedly well worth it.